Working with me
For those wondering what it's like working with me???
Read on below and let them tell you!
I had the privledge of working with Russell numerous times, and I can definately say that he's my most favorite photographer! He's always very laid back and a lot of fun to work with. He's creative with every shoot and can make you look good from just about any angle! I've recieved many compliments about my photos, and they've also helped me with getting great job offers & opportunities.
If you're looking for something fresh, unique and fun, then I highly recommend working with Russell!
Thanks Russy! You're the best! xD
Love Always,
Natalie Celeste
We've had the pleasure of working with this great photographer on quite a few occasions. His work speaks for itself. However, behind the camera, he's one of the most polite and easy to work with photographers I'd done anything with. Not a single model in my agency that has worked with him have had a single bad word to say with him other than they were sad that the shoot was over.
Every single model in my agency that has worked with him only wants to shoot more and more often with him. That speaks volumes about both the quality of his work and his committment to a professional and comfortable working environment. The work he turned in for our first calendar was impecable. Both the fans of the models and the models themselves were overjoyed with the finished product.
I would recommend Russell in any situation. Those that have worked with him can only echo my sentiments. And those that will work with him, soon will learn the same.
Ashen Phoenix Modeling, - AP Concepts - AP Bikini Team
OMG!!! Russel is AMAZING!! ^_^ And fun to work with! Especially when he does the poses to show the models. LOL! And he's not weird, perverted, or anything like that. I felt totally comfortable even on our first day of shooting together. His angles are awesome and his photography is amazing!!
Like I said...Russel is AMAZING!!!
Love ya Rus!
Tracy Nova
Haha yeah let me tell you...working with Russ was thee worst experience I have ever had!
LOl JK JK I had so much fun on my shoot, my pictures came out awesome. Working with Russ actually opened doors to many more modeling opportunities! I am dying to work with him again...hear that RUSS I'm dying to work with you again, so lets make this happen! lol
He also is really awesome and fun guy who has chubby cheeks you could pinch for days, oh man he is going to kill me for saying this! haha
Anyways I HIGHLY recommend shooting with Russ he is definitely amazing, definitely one of my fav photographers! Oh and he is a Ninja Photographer how cool is that? LOL
Thanks for paying me to say this Russ!!! hahahaha
Alicia Whitten
I have worked with Russ on numerous occasions helping out with Photoshoots and coming up with ideas with him for new shoots. His eye behind the camera is amazing with the creative ways he makes things look. His work has never seized to amaze me. He is definitely one of the most humble people you will ever work with and very understanding and patient. Plus seeing him do the poses out for the models always makes me laugh...and his little ladder he brings with him as well. But please watch out...he is the Ninja Photographer and will sneak up on you and is not afraid to break out a sword or some ninja stars ever!
Can't wait to work with you again might want to take care of Alicia first...don't want her dying on us now.
Don Henderson
About two weeks ago while setting up the details about an upcomming shoot, I was told that yours truely, Russel would be my photographer. After seeing his work ... I was absoloutly STOKED! I couldn't believe that I was being given the opprotunity to work with someone soooo talented. I was also nervous mind you lol. Once the day of our shoot arrived, my nervous jitters went away. He's so cute and harmless, I just want to put him in my pocket! Although soft spoken at first, he made me feel really comfortable and kept things fun. It was so hard to keep from laughing inbetween shots. The jokes and quirks made for a really giggly type of amosphere. He was a riot. By the end of the day, my cheeks were hurting from laughing so much. It was great!
Needless to say it was was of the best/memorable experiences I've had here with my time in NC. I shoot with him again this upcoming weekend and let me tell you ... excited is not even the word. He's deffinatly my fav and even more so my fav that I would love/hope to work with more often.
Here's to you Russy! Thanks for being just so damn AWESOME
Kay Asumi
I'll make this short and simple ; )
A talented guy who can arch his ass up like no other and take spectacular photos! Very professional and has an amazing talent to capture beauty and sexiness around him. Would love to work with him again if i ever get the chance.
Thanks Russell for the wonderful experience and hit me up if you need a makeup artist!
Make-Up by Hien
P.S. Loved the way Lyla said "How do you do it?" and you fell for it everytime. You should know what i'm talking about.
Russell can realy bring out the brown in my eyes and makes me smile whenever i am around him. he' just so damn good. But honestly, Russ is the man. For those ladies who have worked with him you know, and for those who get to work with him in the future you will find out. One of the most talented photographers out there and no ego!
It was great being your assistant with lighting etc this weekend.
See you around Ninja,
Vik Deol
RSELLOS is the fucking shit! its a pleasure an honor to be able to work with him! i cant wait to work with that ninja again! he didnt make it awkward and unusual like other photographers! its so so so much fun! and you know you will have good images in the end before even starting the shoot! hes more than just a photographer but a really good friend.
if any of u bitches flake on him its your lost!
Lyla Dee
Russel is the BEST! HE was soo easy and fun to work with! He was very open to ideas from models! He is personable and funny! If you gt a chance to work with him, ump on it!
Chivon Chandler
What can I say. Russell was great. Very laid back and a funny guy no doubt. He knows how to be serious but at the same time make you laugh and have a great time. Russell really captured my ride the way I see it and want everyone else to see it. I know with Russell's help I have a bright future in the Import scene.
I look forward to working with russell again. Make no mistake, this is the guy you want taking your pics.
Hello my pridigous friend!
Thank you for spending most of your Saturday shooting with me! It was an absolutely perfect way to create excitement for the week to come (now) while waiting anxiously for each picture! Every picture is bursting with glam, fashion, and trend; moreover, I can't wait to work with you again! We are near each other now and we have no excuses to make distance an issue in regards to not shooting more often! :)
Until the next instillment, my new friend,
Tara Rava
I worked with Russell recently on a portfolio update, and I have to admit it was an amesome experience! He's super laid back, extremely creative, and very professional. I was beyond pleased with the amazing shots we got.
I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
Nikki Miller
hm...what to say what to say...
except that russel is the breastest! yes i said breastest! lol. he is such an amazing photographer and i love him to death! he makes you feel so comfortable and he's very very easy to get along with. gotta love it when you're trying to do a mean serious pose and he messes that up b/c you're laughing too much! lol.
and yes, i agree with the other models when they say they love when rus gives us pose ideas and he's actually doing it! that's one of the things i look forward to when shooting with him. lol!
i can go on and on but i'll keep it short and sweet.
russel is a sweetheart and he only deserves the best.
he'll always be my little ninja! ;P
I waited to work with Russell over a year, but when it FINALLY worked out, it was everything I hoped for and more! He is very comfortable to work with, and VERY professional! I would recommend him to anyone, so if you get a chance to shoot with him, dont let it pass you by!
Thank you so much R for giving me some of the best shots Ive ever had!!!!!!!! <3 youre amazing.
Christina AKA UrAddiction
Wow where do i began...well first off Russell is a very free spirited, down to earth, humble kind of guy. His humorous ways will make anyone feel comfortable and at ease while in his presence. As far as his photography goes his innovative ideas and artistic nature will allow you to be captured in a unique and cutting edge way that i can assure you no other photographer has captured you before.
Work with Russell and I promie you will not have a bad photo. He is very professional and very fun... you will walk away with a great experience, amazing photos and a new friend all in one!...Russell is d'shiznit!! no other way to put it ; )
Brittney Banks
What else is there to say about this photographer? Everyone who has worked for him, sees the same, great talent he exudes! Every shot he takes is unique. He knows how to capture the beauty in any person or thing. From his cars, to his models. He brings out the beauty in each of them.
If you get the privelge to shoot with Russ..TAKE IT, whatever the cost! Unless you don't want to go forth in your modeling career, then just admire his work and kick yourself in the ass later! :)
Russ, you're awesome! Ive told you over and over. Your work gets better and better as each pic comes out. You're going far in this industry..just be ready! I love all my pics and look forward to the rest! Can't wait for our next shoot!
Jayden Brooke
Russel.. the little photographer... doing big....GINORMOUS (Giant + Enormous) things.
I've worked with Russel long ago, several time, and just happened upon this blog. The thing that impresses me the most is how humble he is about his work. The humility he carries himself with commands respect. He never talks negative about anyone, does the work you ask of him (and beyond,) and if you're witty enough to catch it, he'll even crack a joke here and there. But pay attention, 'cause he'll only chuckle once to let you know it was a joke.
I'm previleged to be able to say i've worked with the guy and for him (that time i held the umbrella when the sun was beatin' us down.) I even had a drink with the cat, although he wouldn't drink more than half a beer, or was it two...
Keep doin it big, Russel, just don't forget the small people... and the small rate you said you'd charge me to shoot my car once it's done ;)
Lawrence Jackson
I would just like to say Russ is an AWESOME photographer. Actually awesome doesn't even define him well enough. I'm usually very nervous in front of new people, but with in 5 minutes I felt comfortable with Russ. He was very down to earth and had a great sense of humor. He is very creative and will help you with ever pose (he will even show you himself how he wants you to pose lol, it's quite entertaining.) I loved working with him and I would be honored to work with him again!
Tiffany Renee
I've wanted to work with Russ since I started modeling ! And I am so happy that it actually happened and I am in love with the results ! He is professional and has a fantastic eye, especially for posing ;) I was nervous to finally work with Russ because he does such amazing work, but it turned out I had nothing to be uncomfortable about.
And he is now my favorite Asian ever! Be careful though, he might take over the world!!!!!
It was more then a pleasure working with you and I cannot wait to cross paths again Russ
Most deifnitely pleased,
Jessica Reighn
Oh Russell... :-) he is pretty much amazing. It felt like I knew him for a while already just shooting with him ONE TIME! He is very funny and creative (and patient). We braved some cold weather too!
It was an honor to work with such an imaginative, fun, efficient photographer and I definitely recommend him to everyone! Those who are lucky enough to shoot with him... enjoy it! He is awesome!
Next time though Russell... I made a promise to Miss Whitten. And let's just say... no cheek is safe! Hahaha
Denise Manila
hehe what can i say....working with Russy was the worst experience... cuz now i cant get enough hahah
but seriously i've worked with him only once and he was just very caring and respectful in any kind of way. always making sure i was ok and comfortable, always willing to try something new, always listening to what i had to say or ideas i wanted to try. he has such a great imagination, and his work speaks for itself! he's not one of those photographers that just wants to meet girls, he truly does love photography and is very serious bout his work.
i could go on n on and write books of how this guy is such a great person to work with, or just have him as a buddy =P obviously all of these girls above agree with how great he is!!!
would i refer him to any other person? DUH! heheh! i think u should be lucky to work with him!! so if u dont.. well thats your lost muahahahah lol.
thanks for everything Russy!! like i said before, thank you for giving me a chance to work together, and coming up with some great images! wish u were closer!! u'd be super duper busy with work aaaand shoooting me hahaha!! jk jk.. i guess ill let other models get the chance haha!
Miss Meryll
Bottom line, Russ is a great photographer with a very creative mind. I've shot with him twice now, after waiting a YEAR to work together, and it has been 2 of the most creative and awesome shoots I've ever had. I know that when I shoot with Russ, I can expect my back to be hurting for numerous days, as he always comes up with some crazy angled pose to put me in to shoot, haha. I can also expect some really kick-ass pictures and a lot of laughs along the way. It's a great time!
His style is very fun, creative, and glamourous! Love it! If you're looking for something different,  I recommend working with Russell. He's the best of the best!
Tiffany Habib
There is nothing little about this photographer ;)  but let me tell you i have had the best time shooting with Russell. He has this way of making you feel at ease and comfortable and willling to do anything for YOU and him to get the best shots possible and he is just such a great guy and very respectful and plus he's an awesome photographer just take alook at his photography, and as i told him were are going to work together alot, he has no choice!! bahaha :P
Gotta love the pacfic islander's ;)
Brandi Ann
I had the opportunity to work with Russel recently. He is a great guy and a great photographer. It was the first time meeting him on the same day of my shoot and I felt very comfortable with him. I think it is a very big plus to feel comfortable and relaxed when working with a photographer and Russell definitely has that quality. (He can also help with your posing=))
I really appreciated his understanding and his great personality. We laughed alot and the shoot was fun. If you are thinking about working with Russell you definitely should, just check out all his work and I promise you'll be pleased with the outcome.
Thank you Russell!
Artemis the Goddess
Here is the thing, few models are given the opportunity to work with exceptional talent, fewer still are those who realize and appreciate the possibilities through this exposure.
I can say without any doubt that Russ is one of the most talented and gifted photographers that I have ever worked with. The experience and knowledge that he brings to a shoot is bar none some of the best to be had. Russ brings forth a demeanor that is both calm yet confident in what he is doing and he exudes that to where the model he is working with feels the same way.
In an industry such as this, where people are based not just upon their skill with a camera but also their artistic acuity, professionalism, and adherence to detail, you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Russ.
I count Russ not just as a business associate, but also as a friend. Someone that if I need too I can call upon for advice, to get the best results for a project, or just to shoot the shit with. I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities that he has given me, as well as those that have come about just from working with him.
Thank you for everything Russ, you’re the best!!!
I had the honor to work with rsellos. He is an amazing, very talented photgrapher. I had a blast working with him and am itching to reshoot!
Karla Molina
So super creamy -- the color that is -- lol!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!
My favorite shoot ever - they came out amazing!! Can NOTTTTT freaking wait to see more!
Thanks again - you were awesome to work with!
Milanya Maria
Many people are uncertain when it comes to getting their pictures taken. It could be because they are uncomfortable shooting with someone they do not know, insecure about the way they look or how the pictures are going to turn out and even fear that the whole experience will be a disaster. Before my first shoot with Rsellos, all these feelings were going through me. I came on the set not knowing what to do and since it was my first time, I felt quite awkward.
Rsellos is such a down to earth photographer who conducts himself in a professional manner. This allow you to easily break out of your shell and pose at your best. Out of many photographers, he truly has a vision that will enhance your pictures and demolish any insecurities.
My best advice to working with Rsellos is get comfortable with the camera, the photographer and especially yourself. Overall, my shoots with Rsellos have been a great experience because I am able to joke around and be myself. I can also ask him for help with poses and etc. He is a flexible person who is definitely always open to suggestions and ideas. Therefore, I would say that my experience shooting with him has all been positive.
I told Russ I wouldn't leave feedback until we got ice cream like he promised we could go do LOL! But I guess I'll be nice :]
Shooting with Russ was one of the easiest experiences of my career thus far. From set up to finish it was all a breeze. On set he is a little Ninja!! Lights here and there, crazy amazing angles and he captures every detail perfectly. From the automobile, to the model (of course!) to even the colours of the sky and buildings.
Don't underestimate him! Russ has some true talent and a killer personality to boot. My shoot was scheduled after I had already been shooting all week straight- some days even 2 shoots back to back, but with Russ it was never work. We laughed the whole way through and, I'm sure, produced A+ images as well!
His words of encouragement and endearing personality makes you want to shoot with him again and again!
Next time, Russ I'm taking the reigns of that Olympus because you are TOO good at showing the girls how to pose not to be in front of the camera more often :P hahaha
Sending my useless love,
Karolina Von
I've had the pleasure of working with the so-called Ninja, and I must say, he is the best of the best!! =) He makes the shoots fun, exciting, challenging, and comfortable. I admit, my first shoot with Russ I was still new to the modeling scene and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, and what idea/creation I wanted out of the shoot, but he made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and even made me laugh a few times (to get rid of my nerves). I welcomed his opinions, because I wanted to learn and grow as a model. The final edits came out great, and now I want to work with him all the time!
As a person, Russel is a very humble. He's a very sweet, caring, and a respectful man who always wants to know your (model) ideas,concerns, wants, etc. He absolutely knows the business, and I say is one of the truly great photographers out there right now. With the work he does, you can tell by the outcome, he knows his stuff, and he is passionate about photography!
I consider Russ not only as someone I've worked with, but as a friend. He's honestly has all the qualities that a true friend holds. I just wish he were a little closer to me haha =) but honestly, I appreciate everything he's done for me, and I give alot of credit to him as he has helped me succeed in my modeling career.
Thanks Ninja for everything!!
Nathalie Castillo
If A+ work is what you want then you're in the right place. Rsellos is Pure Genius and his work speaks for itself. I worked with him for the 1st time 2 yrs ago when I was just starting out with modeling. Here I am 2 yrs later and ready to take my port to new heights so who did I call? You got it Rsellos. From his professional attitude to his killer ideas, He knows just the right angles and just the right locations to bring life to anyone's portfolio. Russell you are truly a gift to photography and I am honored to be one of the select models you have worked with. Thanks for everything.
I have had the privilege to work with alot of different and great photographers but I definitely have to say Russell is my ALL time favorite photographer. I unfortunately have a skin problem that not a lot of people know about by just lookin at some of my photos you can't see that I have white shot and Russell is amazing at PhotoShop and makes me look normal and I love it. If someone came to me today and asked who they should go to for great glamour photos with out any hesitation I would tell the RSELLOS PHOTOGRAPHY he's worth the wait, worth the drive, worth the time. I will definitely will he doing a lot more shoots with Russell :)
A+++++++++++++++ I love Rsellos photography
Miz Kpop
Working with Russel was the shit! He is so easy to work with and makes every model feel comfortable and comes up with dope ass ideas for locations, shoots, poses, etc.. He is becoming one of the best out there and I would love to work with him on a regular basis :D
Daria D
Better late than never. Gonna keep it short and simple.
You da best! Easy to work with. Takes amazing photos.
Love ya, Russ!
Russ is an amazing photographer. He takes my ideas and really brings them to life. Plus he’s introduced me to some great promotional companies…..GoGirl Entertainment and AffinityGirls. I think if you’re looking for a great photographer who can take a simple idea and turn it into something magnificent this is the photographer you need to work with. Thanks Russ for the great job you do and will continue to do for my vision.
Steve Davis
Curves ENT.
I love Russ! He is an awesome man and his PHOTOGRAPHY is AMAZING! He works very well with me. He makes me feel comfortable, so that is an extra plus. He also makes the shoot fun. He helps me with my poses, when I freeze. Matter of fact, he poses better than me! LOL. For anyone that is looking to getting their pictures done, I COMPLETELY, 100% would refer you to this man. I promise that he is worth to work with. I love you Russ and I wish you the best of luck and I KNOW you will succeed! Oh by the way, thanks for making me laugh so much! And thanks for working with Affinity Girls! RSELLOSPHOTOGRAPHY IS AWESOME! I mean just look at his work! 
<3 Affinity Girl-Lang
Russel Brussel is one of the best photographer I’ve worked with so far. Not only is his work is outstanding, but his funny personality draws you in. His work makes anyone look like a natural born star no matter how long you’ve model. Clear in quality and shooting at the right angles is what he’s good at giving…definite plus. He may be little but I promise his work stands above others and you’ll always be please with the outcome.
(The jokes we crack up about perverts and how I purposely make him repeat the poses he gives me. HALARIOUS! )
<3 xoxo
Affinity Girl- Daisy
Hands down RUSSEL is the best photographer i have EVER shot with!! i mean that in the most sincere way possible! he is 100% professional. He is such a sweet respectable man. the pictures come out and amazing everytime. and by everytime i mean flawless. if you have to contact him he contacts you right back without the days wait. it’s hilarious when he shows you a pose or says no duckface ahaha. I would highly recomend him!!
Love you ninja!!
Diana Christina
IDK whether I should start off with how russel makes fun of me for being vietnamese.. or whether i should tell you about his debt to me. yes, russel owes me ice cream *AHEM. I guess I’ll be nice <3
Russel is hands down the best photographer I have gotten to work with thus far. Not only is his work amazing but he is all around an amazing person. There has never been a dull moment with this man. from the time i met him till now, its always been jokes and nothing but a good time. I can not wait to work with him again.!
Rsellos shows us a whole other world through his lens. He captures the raw beauty in his images using different techniques of light.
Working with him was not only amazing but fun!! He is very instructive and brilliant with new ideas and concepts!!!
Working with Rsellos was a blast! He was extremely professional and focused on the project. He made it a priority to be creative and really think outside of the box.. The end product was absolutely unique. I would definitely work with him again!
Ashley M Lands
Professional Model and Dancer
I Love Russell!! a.k.a my wittle NINJA. Shooting with him is never a dull moment in my book. He'll always make your 'not so good day' into a 'laugh out loud' moment. I love all his work and the professional level that he presents. His personality is the icing on the cake. His humor and sarcasm gets to me all the time and moments like those make me feel more comfortable when shooting with him. I would definitely have more sessions with Russell in the upcoming future.
So if you're ever thinking about having a photoshoot with Russell, I'll guarantee you won't regret any of it. The skills and talent that he put into his work is amazing. Just trust his opinion and you'll see the vision of a true photographer :)
we shall meet again and shoot more!!
Jeri Lee
I've shot with Rsellos twice already, and  I can't wait to work with him again! He is incredibly talented and you'll be pleased at how many shots you'll love from just a short photoshoot. I'm particularly in love with the work he does in natural light.  It seems like no matter what the location is, he can make it look fabulous! He has great ideas about concepts, and if you are willing to be creative, you'll love the results.
Russell is also great to work with even after the shoot.  He's super sweet about needing quick edits done. I once had a show coming up very soon and he squeezed in some time to get print versions done for me. Needless to say, I hope I have another wonderful opportunity to be in front of his camera again.
Come visit LA again soon, Russell!
Ela Pasion
I consider Rsellos more of a friend than anything. I worked with Rsellos in two different settings and he made the experience an enjoyable one. Rsellos is easy going and super fun to work with. He provides direction when needed and gives ideas to enhance any creativity to the shoot. Rsellos is talented and has worked with many people in his many years of photography. He is very well respected and I would love to work with him again in the near future.
Krstina Hong
Working with Rsellos always means that I'm going to get amazing images that I can use for publications, posters, and sharing on my social media. The work that he produces is some of the best that I've ever had done.
Brit Bliss
I have worked with Russell multiple times now. All of which he has been super professional, respectful, and fun !!! I love working with him and the final results! He is definitely one of my favorites to work with as a model ! Feel free to email me for any questions regarding Russell :)!
Brianna Gonva